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Privacy Policy

 Dear user, our Car money website never uses any personal data related to users, and the site does not add any cookies to your device or your Internet browser, so browsing our site is completely safe, and no information is disclosed whether you browse from a device your computer or from your mobile phone.

We note that any data that you may provide to the site is of your own free will as a user or visitor, to benefit from some services on the site such as commenting on any topic or article, or writing a response to another user who previously commented on a topic, such as name or email This data is never released to the public.

The privacy of our visitors is our highest priority, and the privacy policy in this document that we list to you represents the broad and important types of personal information that we may collect from you, and we explain how it is used, whether by us or our advertisers:

On our site we use Google ads, so Google uses cookies to display ads on our site, as an external financial resource.

By using DART cookies, Google is able to display ads to the user "based on interests" based on users' visits to the site in a manner that is relevant to them.

Dear users, you can easily disable the use of DART cookies through your browser options, or by visiting the privacy policy of Google ads and the content network.

Log files

Our Car money website uses the log file system, and this system used includes what is known as the Internet Protocol (addresses, browser type, Internet service providers or Internet service providers, date / time, as well as the number of clicks to analyze trends), especially as it is Like most other site servers, they are analytical matters only and are intended to improve the quality of ads by Google, and this is never intended to collect any of this information in order to eavesdrop on visitors' personal matters.

 Cookies and network settings

In order for us to continually develop the content we provide to improve its quality, Google uses cookies, a technology used to store information about visitors' interests, as well as a special user history that contains specific information about pages that have previously been accessed or visited and their interest and preference for them.

We draw your attention to the fact that some companies that advertise on the site may see cookies or network settings for our site and for you, and these companies, for example, are Google's advertising program, Google Adsense, which is the first advertising company on our site.

These advertisers, which are the third party in the privacy policy, follow up on such data and statistics that we mentioned via Internet protocols in order to improve the quality of the displayed ads that suit the interest of visitors and know their relevance to their interests, and they use technical methods to develop and improve the quality of those ads through (cookies, network settings , and also programming codes such as "JavaScript") without causing any harm to the site's visitors.

And certainly - dear user - you should review the privacy policy of the third party (advertisers), which is “Google AdSense” or ad network servers in order to see more information about the privacy policy, and to view the privacy policy of Google Adsense, which is the first advertising program On the site, please click here and read the information carefully.